Sunday, August 7, 2016

Good afternoon my friends.

I am trying (again) to get back to writing on my blog more regularly.  The biggest challenge for me in blogging is that once the con is over, any free time I have I want to spend writing.  And the blog isn't (for me) true writing.

I know that blogging is one of the ways to increase my audience but since I actually don't have anything new published this year, I'm not sure how much audience drawing I want to do - unless maybe draw people to the con.

Writing-wise - my biggest goal for the rest of the year is to finish the edits on the Steampunk novel so that I can get it to the editor for editing.

I do have two short stories in process that I'm playing with - both actually using the main characters from the Steampunk novel.  One I am hoping to finish for the Second Open Call for Weird Wild West.  Another one is a ghost story that I've been playing with but I don't have a place to send it.

Of course, the catch to both of those, is that I need to finish them.  I also have a story sitting with Michael Ventrella's Fortannis series but I'm not sure exactly which next anthology that's due to be in.

I also really want to put together a Sherlock story for Mocha Memoirs anthology.

Anyway, I'm going to try to write more often.  Even it's more personal and less writing.


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