Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Days hath September...

So it’s suddenly September. Hard to believe how fast the summer has flown by.  I had a blog already for August but then in between Vacation and school starting for the Geeklet…I kind of forgot to post it.  So here’s the scoop.

In writing news…
I spend the entire month of July attempting to write 250 words every day.  I had success in  that I managed to write every day!  I did miss the word count once, though.

Least written: 163 words
Most written: 1000
Total word count: 13,901

Overall, having the goal of tracking the word count and posting it to FB at least semi-regularly was good.  I appreciated the positive feedback I got from folks as I posted them.   

It was also interesting because I spread the writing around.  I worked on my short stories, my urban fantasy novel and blog posts.  I also counted some “new” words around the recap of the gaming sessions. Mainly because even though I take notes during our game sessions and basically just rewrite them, I also tend to include some character thoughts. I counted those as new words. J

I definitely think I’ll go back to counting in September.

I also got the first chapter in the Steampunk novel back from an editor!  So now it’s time to send the rest to be edited in terms of getting it publishable. J 

I also had another short story accepted for publication.  It’s by a very, very small press called KYStories that focus on Southern Writers and Stories.  My short story, Fires within the Blank Page, is included. 

This was an interesting story.  It got its start in an older writing group prompt.  The characters are mostly named after friends.  And the heroine and main Witch’s names were sourced via Facebook.  Special thanks to Misty Massey and Amy Wilkinson Ware for providing the names.

How many times/Do we swallow our ambitions 
Long to give up the same old way/Find another road to take 

Keep holding on so long/'Cause there's a chance 
That we might not be so wrong/We could be down and gone 
But we hold on

~Rush, We Hold On