Sunday, May 29, 2011

conventions and deadlines and interviews, oh my!

So have I mentioned, I'm on a deadline... I'm supposed to have the edits to S&S by 5/31 and I'm just stumped.  I need to add some description around some talking heads and it's just not working well for me right now.  I'm not feeling it.  ::sigh::

In other news, here is my schedule for ConCarolinas next weekend.  I'm really looking forward to it...I feel like I'm on panels all of which I can talk about. 

Sat 10:00 am Singularity Effect Cornerstone Award Ceremony University Ballroom B - Programming 2
Sat 11:00 am Changing History University Ballroom A - Programming 3
Sat 02:00 pm Playing With the Toys of Others University Ballroom A - Programming 3
Sun 11:00 am Steam & Diesel University Ballroom A - Programming 3

Oh, and I'm sort of interviewed here for the release of "Fortannis: A Bard's Eye View" along with the other authors.

On a road lit only by fire/Going where I want, instead of where I should
"Caravan" by Rush

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy News

The ebook of Fortannis: A Bard's Eye View is now available, and the paperback should be showing up on the Amazon web page and other distributors within a few weeks.

I'm truly excited to have been a part of this shared world.  It's a fairly typical standard fantasy world with elves and dwarves, magic and mayhem, good and evil.   But what makes it unique is both the emphasis on character and the completely absence of religion. 

Go buy, read.  Enjoy.

Like lovers and hereos, and the restless part of everyone
~Rush, Dreamline