Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chasing something new...

So i've been incredibly non-posty lately, but I have a good excuse...

I found out in June that my day job was being eliminated so I have spend the last 6 weeks job hunting and working on transitioning my current responsibilities to my boss and other team members.  (Insert lots of weeping/whining here.  Okay, done.).  But I've got about 2 weeks left at work so I'm starting to look at August.

James and I had already decided that if I didn't have a day job by the end of July that I would spend the entire month of August writing.  Finishing my novel, writing short stories, etc.  And as it is now mid-July and with no sign of a job...I think that is going to be a very likely scenario.

So my newest challenge is how do you write for long hours every day and not get distracted by the house and/or the internet?

Of course, I do plan to still job hunt and I am GOING to declutter the study if it kills me...but mainly because I'd like to turn that room into someplace I can actually write...which right now I can't.   But I want to be able to spend at least 5-6 hours a day writing...Butt in Chair to quote the MW crew.  But I've never written for that long in one sitting...most of my writing has been done in 1-2 bursts in between cons, daughter, work, house, etc. 

A good friend, Steve Long, introduced me to Duotrope, a few weeks ago, which I think will come in very, very handy as I try to find other sources of publication.  I like that it lists anthologies and since I tend to do well with short stories that have themes, I'm hoping I can write up a few short stories to submit in between the novel.

"Playing with fire
Chasing something new to believe in
Looking for love
The way the big wheel spins"
~Rush, The Big Wheel, Roll the Bones