Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stories of Vanished Times

Greetings in the New Year!

Only 22 days in but it’s been a bit busy already.  

I submitted a short story to Belladonna’s Black Apples anthology which had an early January deadline.   This was a bit of a challenge insomuch as they were looking for a Gothic twist on Princess stories.   I took an interesting celtic story of Fair, Brown and Trembling with a ghostly twist and combined it with the recently watched with my daughter - Cinderella.  The hard part was making it “dark.”  I tend to write happy stories or at least stories that are more light hearted in nature.  This one wasn’t.  I’m hoping I captured what they were looking for. (Grrr…that sentence ends with a preposition but I’m not sure how to rewrite it.)  Anyway, I’ll know in another 4-8 weeks if I made the cut! 

I have begun editing the first chapter of my novel.  I found a potential editor/copyeditor for the piece but I need to actually place the body somewhere before I send it off to her!  J

February starts con season for both James and I.  We will be guests at Mysticon in Roanoke the weekend of February 22nd so please stop by and say hello.   

Driving down the razor's edge between the past and the future
Turn up the music and smile
Get carried away on the songs and stories of vanished times
~Rush “Workin’ them Angels”