Thursday, July 7, 2011

On finding time to write...

So I have been challenged to find time to write lately.  I realized that I hadn't been into my Steampunk story the entire month of June!  That's not going to get me published if I don't write!  I did work a little last night but 15 mins here and there is probably not going to cut it.

For that matter, I haven't been in my new Fortannis story either.   I'm beginning to think I need to schedule time to write on the weekends.  But if I do, I think it needs to be upstairs or in the kitchen.  If the Geeklet is in the room, she usually ends up wanting my "tention."

There was a great post I read about how challenging it is to write when interrupted by children and the "rules" mom's need/have put in place.

And while I would love to put something like that in place, the Geeklet is 3...

I could take time to write during my lunches at work but because I am trying to exercise some at work; I tend to work through lunch most days.  I've been able to schedule Yoga and Walking around 9:30 am.  It gives me a chance to come in; check email, touch base.  Then go up and get focused for the day.  And I'm not sure I really want to give that up.  It seems to have centered my "being" a bit more.

Well, I do need to get back to work.  

(CTMH:  Happy Birthday!)

And I believe in love /And that's faith enough for me
"Faithless" Snakes & Arrows - Rush