Saturday, September 1, 2012

New challenges

So I really need to practice this whole blogging thing a bit more.  I know it's supposed to be one of the ways to increase my web presence but as a fairly new author I'm so not sure what all to talk about each week.

In professional news, I got feedback from my editor for the next Fortannis anthology.  He seems to like the overall story but there are couple aspect I really need to work on.

Pacing...which of course is always a bit of challenge for me.  And related to that, a fight scene which seems to drag.

There is also not enough conflict in the story but he gave me some good advice regarding that and since that got my brain churning, I have another scene in my head that increases the conflict so together those changes that should improve the story.

In terms of the Steampunk Mystery...I'm struggling a bit with the steampunk aspect.  A lot of what I have going on that is "steampunk"ish is also alternate history so I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to increase the steampunkiness of the story.  

Neil Peart and Kevin Anderson's "Clockwork Angels: The Novel" releases in two days which means we'll have it for the beach!  The good news is that it's not a mystery so I think I should be able to read it for inspiration and more "steampunk"ness ideas without changing too much of my own story.

The other thing I'm trying to figure that I kind of want to add a urban fantasy twist to it.  The story is built for having a supernatural aspect but I'm not sure if making it a "Steampunk Urban Fantasy Mystery" is a bit much.   If I don't "steampunk" as much and add more supernatural, then it just becomes a Victorian Urban Fantasy.

I am supposed to be writing more each day now that I'm not working but I can't seem to find the balance between writing and house-cleaning/decluttering.  Although the decluttering/cleaning is going well, I haven't gotten nearly as much writing in as I'd like over the last month.  (Though I have been exercising more, which is positive!)

Anyway, I'll try to come up with more regular post topics but I'm going to go back and work on the novel!  44,000 words (exactly! and counting).

Clockwork angels, spread their arms and sing Synchronized and graceful, they move like living things Goddesses of Light, of Sea and Sky and Land Clockwork angels, the people raise their hands — As if to fly
~Clockwork Angels, Rush