Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RIP Ray Bradbury

First Anne McCaffrey and now Ray Bradbury, if I ever finish my novel it will be dedicated to some of the greatest writers in the genre.

I had the honor and privledge of meeting Ray many years ago at a DragonCon.  He was incredibly nice and so personable.  To this day, that memory is one of my favorites.

RIP, Mr. Bradbury and thank you for the inspiration.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guest post over at Janine K Spendlove's site

So at Ravencon, Amazon best-selling author, Janine K Spendlove, asked me to guest post for her.

I finally finished the post and it's up on her website.

Check it out! regular job has been so incredibly busy I haven't had a chance to even look at writing let along blogging! 

And so I am really late at mentioning that I am at ConCarolinas this weekend.  I am not a guest this year rather the family decided the CC was going to be the con we go to have fun and relax.  I managed to get to one panel on opening chapters and had planned to get to two more yesterday but got sidetracked by costuming and hanging out with folks.

Today is, of course, packing up, last minute shopping and visiting with folks.  James has a panel on Nerdiquette late this afternoon and then it's back to home.

I'm not sure why but I've been really blocked on writing.  I usually can get several hundred words written over a con weekend and I don't think I've gotten even a hundred written this weekend. 

I think part of the problem is that I am overly committed outside of writing again.  Real work is utterly slammed and by the time I get home, play with the Geeklet, etc.  I'm wiped.  Plus between starting ConGregate, needing to get the Cornerstone Award/Infinity Productions, and trying to declutter the house, I've not had nearly enough time to write. 

I did get my copies of Spells & Swashbucklers....they're big.  And look very good.  So now I've officially been published 3x!!  I still need to follow up with Mike Ventrella on the second Fortannis short story.   I also really need to do some research and find some other short story markets w/ themes that I can write for.  I might be able to gather some inspiration if i work on some short stories.

Although, I may take a page from David Coe's book and write some short stories in the Ella-verse and see if that gets my brain going!

Well, it's time to get packed up and head for breakfast! 

If the future's looking dark, we're the ones who have to shine. If there's no one in control, we're the ones who draw the line. - Rush, Everyday Glory