Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Some cool stuff regarding Athena's Daughters

Wow!  In one day, we are less than $1000 from the original publishing goal (and therefore much closer to reaching my stretch goal!  Thank you so much to everyone who has backed us so far!

I wanted to go ahead and share some story summaries, links to previews and blog posts from some of the authors.

Danielle Ackley- McPhail: Looking Back - If necessity is the mother of invention, then desperation is its sire. Lady Clara is left with stewardship of her lost cousin's inheritance and the uncertainty of her own fate. She employs the dubious assistance of an American inventor to find her cousin before all is lost, only neither could have anticipated the unique nature of their...success.
Preview Looking Back
Daniell's blog post.

Maggie Allen:  Lunar Camp - Having to spend her summer break at Camp on the Moon is more (and in some ways less) than thirteen-year-old, botany-loving Bee bargained for.
Preview Lunar Camp
Maggie talks on the Silence in the Library Blog.

Conley Lyons: Oh, Sisters, Let’s Go Down to the River - Mary Walker thought there weren't nothing scarier than cleaning out the inside of the family well. But she didn't ever count on hearing voices while she worked.
Conley Lyon's blog talks about it as well.

Gail Z Martin: Retribution - A vintage silver hip flask and a Roaring Twenties-era poker set spell trouble for Cassidy Kincaide when old ghosts turn murderous.  Cassidy runs Trifles and Folly, an antique and curio shop in historic, haunted Charleston, SC that has a secret mission: to get dangerous magical objects off the market. Can Cassidy discover what ties the tragic history of an abandoned hotel to the maliciously haunted objects before more people die?
Gail's blog talks about the project.
Preview Retribution

Jean Rabe: Visage - When Peaches' father goes missing along the Amazon River, she hires a guide to search for him. Instead, Peaches uncovers a grisly secret that stretches back centuries.

Sherwood Smith: Commando Bats - Commando Bats: what happens when old women get powers.
Sherwood talks about the project on her blog.

Janine Spendlove: Millie - What happens when a modern day military pilot, Major Sara Colón, meets a time traveling aviatrix?
Preview Millie

Vicki Steger-Johnson:  Burly and Cavendish Blend - It looks as though archaeologist, Abigail Watts, obsession with ancient artifacts will lead to her demise, when she and her cousin, Dawson Willoughby, are left to die in an abandoned Egyptian tomb.

DL Stever: Vernon’s Angel - Gentle Vernon's desire to become popular with the tough high school basketball team is only in his dreams.  When help comes in a most surprising way Vernon's life changes for the better.

C. A. Verstraete: The Songbird's Search - Marietta was plain-looking, but she had a voice the men found irresistible. Now with time ticking, she hoped to find just one who would appreciate her true, inner beauty.

Jean Marie Ward: The Gap in the Fence - A ten-year-old girl will do anything to save her best friend's dog from being put down--even bargain with the fairies who live behind "The Gap in the Fence."
Jean Marie talks about it on her blog.
Preview The Gap in the Fence

Fellow stretch goal author, Tricia Barr, talks about the Kickstarter on her blog.
Fellow stretch goal author, Tanya Spackman, posted a preview of her story.

There's a discussion group over at Goodreads for interested folks.  Ask Athena's Daughters

And of course, here's the link to the Kickstarter in case you haven't pledged yet. :)


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