Friday, July 5, 2013

Back to the HR World

I got a job!!!

It’s an amazing opportunity to work for the Center for Creative Leadership.  I’ll be working in their Talent Management Department but what is truly cool is that it is a 30 hr week job which gives me time to continue to write as well as work on the house decluttering!

In writing news, I’ve got a few short stories out for submission and I’ve started a new series: The Last Scion.  It’s an urban fantasy but with an Arthurian legend influence.  I hope it works.

I’m also trying the Magic spreadsheet though I’m not brave enough to do the public one, I’ve downloaded the excel and am keeping track personally.  I’m also trying to remember to post to FB my daily word count and a teaser on the Last Scion Series.  I need to start plotting the Witches books as well.   Do background/plotting notes count for word count?

And in the grumpy, I just noticed that the brand new business cards I ordered…have my website address where my email address is.

And random sentence:  The thunder rumbled like a Harley left idling outside the house.

Time is a spiral -- Space is a curve
I know you get dizzy, but try not to lose your nerve
Life is a diamond you turn into dust
Waiting for rescue, and I know you just
Don't get it.
~Neurotica, Rush

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