Monday, October 10, 2011

Stalled momentum

So I've reached a creative stall.   I had some time to write yesterday, while the Geeklet was sleeping but couldn't come up with anything.  Is that sad?

On an unrelated note, I saw briefly that Under the Black flag has a pirate themed short story contest going.  Max words is 4000 though and I think that Making History is more than that.   I have the twingiest of an idea for another pirate story so I may see if I can get enthusiastic about writing it...of course, still need a plot!

Maybe if I can get a bit of momentum going toward one story I can pick up speed on others.  It's a bit of a struggle right now.   And that sucks given that I'm supposed to be a guest at 3 cons in the spring, I really need to get some work finished and/or published. 

It's such a cloudy day
Seems we'll never see the sun
Or feel the day has possibilities
Frozen in the moment -
the lack of imagination
Between how it is and how it ought to be
~Rush, How it is

Just saying...

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